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Europe2020 is the only independent documentary that shows inspiring and positive stories from Europe. It is for our generation and for people who believe and work for the better future. In an era of constant negative news, Europe2020 shows what can be done.

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Europe2020 team consists of over 40 contributors around Europe, most of them volunteers.



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Nacha la Macha

"Look at me, be whoever you want to be"



roberta mancino

"I for sure push the limits" 



timo santala

"We did not ask, we just did it" 

stefano orowitsch 

"I know how we fly in 7 years" 

rand hindi

"I have solutions" 

phillip brinkmann

"Meaningfull work and supportive enviroment makes young people work hard"

penny vlachou

"We take pride in working hard"

maria vlachou

"I have solutions for Greece" "Giving back to society is important" 

gergely böszörményi nagy

"If you take the best welfare state, you will see the lack of what state can do for young entrepreneurs"

florian bosse

"All the answers are in the nature, we just have to look there"

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